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The work you find yourself doing with Lila is truly profound and life changing.  If you are feeling drawn to this at all, I highly recommend looking into it further and calling Lila to get more information.  I wasn't sure about going this route at first, but after I spoke with her it all became very clear, and what she was describing was what I had been needing to do my whole adult life.
–Mali C.

Lila creates a safe space and her experiential drama plays are deep, powerful and gentle. I also loved the people in the group. She attracts open-hearted men and women.
– Clara C.

I did her group workshop a number of years ago and it has stuck with me. The work helped me to heal many issues around my family and my childhood so that I could move past them and have the life I was meant to lead.  
–Robert F.



Lila Caffery, MA, CCHT

Inner Child Healing is an alternative, spiritual and experiential practice for healing negative self beliefs that are holding you back from your natural ability to reach your best and most rewarding life experiences, in love and work.

You may need long-term intense work to heal, or a more short-term focused coaching and support on dating, couples or marriage and even divorce decisions and support. The same focus may be needed to break a negative food or drug or sexual dependency or addiction or to make career and business choices and decisions.

What is needed will be mutually assessed in your first free consultation with Lila, who is a trained family systems consultant with 30 years of practice.


A New Life?
You have the seeds within you!


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On Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing is a deep spiritual and experiential way of healing old, often unknown or forgotten wounds from childhood that keep holding you back from getting the love and power that you seek. You may choose to do the longer and deeper work that requires a commitment to the completion of the whole journey. It is worth every step made possible with loving support, humor, and hard work!
Perhaps you need more direct, here-and-now coaching to develop your inner resources to reach specific life goals and solve real life problems. Life Coaching is then the best and shortest way forward. Either way, the seeds are already there, within you!
You may come to restore the loss of intimacy in a relationship, to find a way toward connection from a place of loneliness or isolation, to learn to handle conflict. Whether you are looking for a mate, making the relationship you have more satisfying or to face the ending of one, you may just need some direction and support in finding your own answers, believing in your own power to grow, create and overcome.
Finding, excelling in, or changing a career path is another way of learning to use your power for and belief in your innate and special gifts that will be made manifest by a strong coaching relationship. Successful business people rely on that special coaching support.
The way forward is for you to choose after talking it over in a consultation either in person, in a video chat or on the phone. Call to set up the first appointment to start reaching for your goals. They are achievable. You deserve to have the life you dream of. There is no charge for your first appointment.
Read more about the areas that are your main focus.

Lila Caffery MA, CCHT

Graduate Georgetown Family Center
Murray Bowen, M.D, Founding Director

The Family Therapy Institute
Jay Haley, MA, Founding Director

Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy


"Thank you for helping me renounce my self doubt, isolation, and fear.
I've always wanted to do something like this for myself."


“Doing inner child work with Lila Caffery made a DRAMATIC difference in my life. With Lila’s help I confronted – and ultimately shifted – negative core beliefs around abandonment that were sabotaging me in relationships – romantic and professional.
I’ve done a lot of therapy – I’ve had maybe a dozen therapists over the 20 years of my adult life – Lila is the only one who was able to take me into the core of the issues that I needed to work on. I could’t recommend this work more highly.”
Robert Friedman

"The mask of my smile was very thick and it contained fear and deep sorrow. I wish I could love many people with a true smile. Thank you for holding me
and accepting me"


You can heal and find your Power too!